A call out to students in Cardiff – £5.00 takeaway deal – FREE DELIVERY TOOO

Well in some cases it can be hard to know a bargain when you see one, this mobile phone deal will cost this much, this electric company can save you this much and so and so on. Here at the Vegetarian Food Studio we know we have an offer that as soon as you see it you know it’s a bargain so here we go let’s have it.

Do you fancy eating an award winning Indian meal for only £5.00? Well if you do you can call us to make your order. Here is an example of a take away delivery leaving the hot plate all for £5.00.

But wait there we haven’t finished telling you about this bargain offer yet we deliver all orders for FREE, you heard it right FREE DELIVERY so you get everything for 5 quid, an award winning Indian meal delivered to your door step.

For more information on this deal see our official poster shown below which tells you everything you need to know about our Student Tiffin Indian meal.

So let’s recap like we said earlier bargains are hard to know if they are a good deal is or a bad deal, but, with this offer we are making to all students in Cardiff you know this is a cracking deal, a satisfying deal that will fill your bellies with great nosh saving you some money along the way.

It is really easy to order just ring the restaurant with your order by 4pm, give us your name, email and address and we will then deliver your order between 6pm and 8pm. All you have to do is pay our dedicated student delivery drivers £5.00 and happy days you have an amazing meal for a fiver.

Throughout this article we have been talking about our food being award winning, well it really is as this year we scooped the Best Vegetarian Food Establishment in Wales award at the Food Awards 2016. The award is shown below and is also on display at our restaurant.

We also welcome students to visit our restaurant where we have a menu full of award winning Vegetarian Indian food that does not cost the earth.

Here are photos of the decor of the restaurant offering great backdrops of Indian life. The restaurant really gives you a sense of where the food originates from so when you’re in the restaurant combined with the smells of the food, the taste of the food and the cultural artwork you really get a great all round experience of India on the night.

Here are photos taken recently of food leaving the hot plate at the Vegetarian Food Studio

So why not try our student tiffin deal and taste the food for yourself and if you like the food then pop down to the restaurant where we have a menu full of other different vegetarian Indian food for you to try.



Vegetarian Food Studio


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Telephone: (029) 2023 8222