A few photos we took at Tafwyl 2016 introducing people to award winning vegetarian food

Here are a range of photos we took at the Tafwyl Festival at Cardiff Castle where we joined people from Cardiff and all over Wales celebrating the Welsh language and taking part in festivities as well as helping introduce people to award winning vegetarian Indian food for the first time.

All day we served up quality Indian food from Onion Bhajis, Samosas and lots of different varieties of food from their menu. Here are photos of the team in action yesterday.

More about Tafwyl

There is still a chance to join us at Tafwyl today with more performances and festivities due to take place at Cardiff Castle (3rd of July). But here are a range of photos we took yesterday of music performances and events to give you an idea of what to expect today.

Tafwyl is a celebration of Welsh language art and a cultural festival held once a year in July at Cardiff Castle. The festival brings the biggest names in Welsh arts, culture and sport to Cardiff as well as bringing some fantastic stalls with welsh products on display. Tafwyl also bring the best food and drink offers available in Wales such as the Vegetarian Food Studio displaying award winning Indian vegetarian Food.

Follow the Tafwyl twitter page for regular updates to keep in touch with festivities tomorrow.


More about the Vegetarian Food Studio

This weekend at Tafwyl will give you the opportunity to learn about the Indian food and let you know about the restaurant based in Penarth Road pictured below and everything we have to offer.

We have also just recently won the Best Vegetarian Establishment in Wales award at The Food Awards 2016, their award is also shown below and is on display at the restaurant.

Here are a few photos we have recently taken at the restaurant of vegetarian Indian food that melts in the mouth and food that was being served on the night from the hot plate. We have everything from Masala Dosas, Vegetable Samosa’s, rice dishes and a whole lot more.

If you really want to experience India then the Vegetarian Food Studio is the place to be, here are photos of the decor of the restaurant offering great backdrops of Indian life and really giving you a sense of where the food originates from so when you’re in the restaurant combined with the smells of the food, the taste of the food and the cultural artwork you really get a great all round experience of India on the night.

So if you have never tried Indian vegetarian food before or you are looking for a great family night out then why not treat yourselves and book a table for the family and enjoy a great Indian experience from the food, the smells, the atmosphere and see some Indian culture, you will not be disappointed.

If we do not see you at the restaurant then we hope to see you at the Tafwyl Festival and introduce you to the delights of Indian vegetarian food.

To contact us use the contact details below or if you want more information on the Vegetarian Food Studio visit their website linked below.



Vegetarian Food Studio


Penarth Road


CF11 6JU

Telephone: (029) 2023 8222

If you want to stay in touch with everything about the Vegetarian Food Studio you can also follow our social media platforms also linked below, these platforms will be updated regularly so look out for even more information and offers that will soon be available to you.