Everything is cooked fresh at the Vegetarian Food Studio

We serve award winning food and have won many awards over the 17 years we have been established. We were recently named the best Vegetarian food establishment in Wales at the Food Awards 2016. The reason we are able to win awards is because we have fantastic abilities ensuring that when the Indian food hits the tables it is to the highest standard, one key factor is that we cook everything absolutely fresh.

If the food is frozen away and then reheated then you’re not going to get those high standards. Here are photos we have recently taken in the kitchen showing just how the cooks and chefs cook award winning vegetarian Indian food from start to finish. Here are a number of photos of the cooks preparing food and then leaving the hot plate.

It’s not just us crowing the customers are crowing too giving some great testimonials on just how good the food is, have a read on what some of the people have said.

Really fantastic food. So many vegan options. Very friendly staff. Highly recommended.

Delicious, great food! The atom-bombs are a must have, everytime!

Best curry in Cardiff and completely vegetarian.

Lovely grub at the Vegetarian Food Studio. Still the best Indian in Cardiff for me!

I loved my food at the Vegetarian Food Studio tonight.

Here is a photo taken a few weeks ago showing just how happy customers were at our restaurant. Here is a photo of a group who recently enjoyed the Indian food, do they look happy, it looks like they are.

Not only will you enjoy the food at our restaurant you will also experience a little bit of India. The décor is designed to give you that Indian feel, the food originates from India so combined with the décor, the smells and taste of the food you will get a good insight to India, here are photos of the décor and restaurant based in Grangetown.

If you require advice on any food catering requirements or to make a booking contact us using the contact details below.



Vegetarian Food Studio


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Telephone: (029) 2023 8222